Sylvana Excels In the Art and Science of Banishing Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a fact of life. As we age our skin becomes thinner and more fragile. That’s where the fine wrinkles begin. These are the wrinkles we all recognize as crêpe-y skin around the eyes and surface fine lines that can show up anywhere. The sun causes these wrinkles, but aging also does its part as collagen production diminishes and gravity takes its toll. Then there are the deep wrinkles from nose to lip, across the brow, between the eyebrows and so-called smoker’s lines around the lips. Squinting, frowning and even laughing cause these often deep and intractable wrinkles to develop over time.


Sylvana Takes a Customized Layering Approach

At Sylvana Institute Med Spa in Frederick, MD, your wrinkle reduction program will be customized as part of your first visit Complimentary Consultation. The physician-directed program for you may be part of a total facial rejuvenation or it may zero in on specific area such as crows feet or a wrinkled brow. After your consultation and skin assessment using the Visia Complexion Analysis System, your your TAPA-Certified Aesthetic Consultant will decide with you what combination of treatments will give you the skin results you want.

Why Choose Sylvana To Smooth All Kinds of Wrinkles?

Because there are different kinds of wrinkles, Sylvana Med Spa combines different services and products to reduce them, rejuvenate aging skin and restore youthful contours to your face. We layer services, providing a customized plan that smooths all kinds of wrinkles and restores a natural, youthful-looking smoothness to skin that shines with a healthy and vibrant glow. We are known for providing an artful combination of proven procedures and medical-grade products offered in a physician-directed med spa. Our approach is safe, non-surgical and non-invasive with fabulous results! Get all the facts on what makes the Sylvana Difference.

 "Aging is fine with me, looking old and tired is not. My skin looks young and it glows with the help of Sylvana."   Susan R. • Thurmont, MD

The Benefits of Wrinkle Treatment at Sylvana—In Our Patients’ Words

"I adore this place and the amazing women there! They are always very informative but never try to talk you into something just because. They recommend products and services that would benefit you and honestly tell you if there is something you don’t need to do. I think I will be a customer for life."  Jennifer V. • Waynesboro, PA

Our Favorite Solutions For Wrinkle Treatment

In general, Sylvana recommends a combination approach to addressing any problem and wrinkles are no exception. Dermal fillers, Botox, IPL, Laser Therapy and peels are the treatment types we layer most often to reduce wrinkles and give you the smoother, younger looking skin you want.


It’s important to know that we do not use all of these treatments in any one customized solution. Some are alternatives to each other. Once we understand your personal concerns and preferences and we have the scientific analysis of your skin, we can begin to put together your personalized wrinkle-reduction, facial rejuvenation plan.

 Dermal Fillers Fill Deep Folds and Wrinkles 

We love the role dermal fillers play in wrinkle reduction solutions. They give us a wide choice of options to fill in different kinds of wrinkles. Juvederm helps to add volume and hydration to deep furrows in the brow. Restylane is a very fluid dermal filler that is easy to maneuver in soft tissue areas like under the eyes. Belotero is a very soft cohesive gel form of dermal filler that is great for extremely fine lines in delicate areas such as crow’s feet around the eyes and fine lines around the lips. The process is quick and painless and the results are immediate.

IPL, Laser Therapy And Peels Also Play An Important Role

IPL and laser therapies such as LimeLight, Laser Genesis, Pearl and Fraxel, as well as EnerPeel by GlyTone—a new generation of chemical peels, can all play a part in wrinkle reduction. In the lower face we use the Titan Laser to tighten sagging skin, especially around the chin and jowls and stimulate collagen production with an infrared light.


Botox Helps Relax The Muscle That Contribute To Deep Wrinkles

Deep wrinkles that are caused by muscle movement such as squinting and frowning develop over time. Even faithful sunscreen users are susceptible to these deep wrinkles. They are most bothersome in the brow and eye area and the deep fold that runs from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth. Learn more about how we address these deep wrinkles in the eye and brow area with Botox and the very nuanced, layered way we address wrinkles around the lips.


We’ll Help You Maintain Your Lovely Skin With A Customized Skin Care Routine That Changes With The Seasons

Your skin suffers from dry indoor air in winter, dehydration and the temptation to be out in the sun more in summer. Of course, the sun is a factor all year round. Your best protection is wearing a good sunscreen every day and following a regular regimen  with medical-grade products that your Sylvana Aesthetic Consultant selects for you, depending on your skin type and time of year.  

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