Can't Keep My Eyes Off of You

The eyes have always had a special significance in cultures all over the world - from being called the “windows of the soul” to the perplexing 'evil eye', you know --that look from another person that you KNOW is intended to do you harm? People are so captivated by eyes that innumerable poems and songs about “eyes” have emerged since the beginning of time.

And, if you read “Psychology Today” or other science related information, studies attest that our eyes can convey all SORTS of information about who we are. Our eyes have such communicative powers that they influence our perception of people in many ways, AND vice versa.

Do you long for a lovely pair of shiners that express who you really are? There are several ways to banish wrinkles, bags and hollow under-eyes which are all a common cosmetic concern. Below are some eye-opening suggestions to brighten up your peepers and awaken your look:

Why Do I Get Eye Bags, Crepey Eye Skin and Hollows Under My Eyes?

Eye bags, wrinkles and eye hollows tend to be caused by a combination of genetics and aging. For most people, these problems show up during their mid-30s to 40s, but for

some they can occur as early as their 20s. Your unique bone structure can affect the

prevalence of eye bags, dull skin ad deep troughs under your eyes. They tend to worsen by the loss volume and elasticity in tissues surrounding the eyes which occurs as we get older.

Topical Eye Treatments

The color and texture of the skin around the eyes can be improved with topical treatments, which work to increase collagen density and strengthen the skin to plump up weakened tissues. A lot of these treatments contain retinoids, vitamin C and other refined and practical ingredients like growth factors, which improve the health and elasticity of the skin.

Many topical eye treatments can be purchased over the counter, but for the best results it makes the most sense to check with a pro and get their recommendations. An expert in skin and aging will be able to recommend more appropriate and intensive products suitable for your skin type. Although these products may be more expensive, you are likely to achieve more dramatic results than products you buy over the counter, which tend to be less effective.

You can slow skin damage and wrinkles down by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day, 365 days a year, even if it’s snowing! Sunscreen works by blocking and absorbing UV rays through, a combination of physical and chemical particles. Physical particles, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, are used to reflect UV radiation from the skin. At the same time, other ingredients in sunscreen react with radiation before it penetrates the skin, absorbing the rays and releasing the energy as heat.

Botox, Dysport & Xeomin

Neurotoxins such as Botox, are all neuromodulators and they use naturally occurring bacteria to relax the muscles of the face. That relaxing and smoothing effect minimizes and softens wrinkles, worry lines and other signs of aging—particularly in the brow and eye area. These products work to gently by temporarily paralyzing the muscles around your eyes, which reduces the pull of the tissue, minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. These products also act as a preventive treatment by reducing your muscle movement which, over time, would otherwise deepens wrinkles.

Using neuromodulators to soften wrinkles and lines has been the gold standard, non-surgical solution for over a decade.


Chemical peels are designed to remove the very outer layers of skin to reveal smooth, youthful and healthy skin underneath. They’re a great way to minimize lines and wrinkles. It is important to use the correct peel since there are several to choose from.

Most people with mild to moderate under eye bags and wrinkles are best suited to medium peels, which penetrate deeper to allow structural improvements of the tissues. Collagen and elastin densities are improved with medium peels and skin discoloration is evened out, leaving smoother, tighter skin. At Sylvana we recommend the Enerpeel Lip and Eye Peel by Glytone. We’ve gotten great results with significant skin firmness around the eyes, improved appearance of finer lines, wrinkles AND crow’s feet. This peel also decreases the appearance of dark spots and dark circles.

Cosmetic Lasers

Laser therapy is a powerful way to treat tired, puffy and wrinkly eyes by resurfacing and tightening the skin. Lasers work by heating the deeper layers of skin tissue to stimulate new collagen production. A bonus is that your results continue to improve over time. The Cutera LimeLight, Cutera Titan and Fraxel are Sylvana’s most popular laser devices for treating the dull and wrinkled area around the eyes.

Soft Tissue Dermal Fillers

Hollow eyes can be effectively treated with a softer hyaluronic acid (occurs naturally in your body) filler such as Restylane, Restylane Silk or Juvederm to add volume. Dermal filers are malleable and can easily mold to fit each patient’s unique under-eye space. The results are immediate, but you may need more than one injection to get your desired smoothing/filling effect. Successful results depend on the health of your skin as well as the amount and type of filler used. Dermal fillers under the eye area lasts approximately 3 to 6 months, depending on how your body metabolizes the filler. At Sylvana, we recommend improvement not perfection. It’s important that the treated area looks natural.

While You’re at It

Try these suggestions too:

  • Drink more water: Water hydrates your body and by drinking more you can eliminate the chance of having noticeable wrinkles, puffy eyes, and even dark circles under your eyes.

  • Reduce eating salt: Salt dries out your skin making wrinkles much more obvious skin, Salt will also make your eyes puffier and dried.

  • Allergies: It’s impossible to avoid allergies, but by rubbing your eyes you’re increasing irritation. By taking over the counter medicines, you can dry your body out and decrease the appearance of puffy eyes, which in turn, can make your under-eye skin less noticeable.

  • Sleeping: Change up your sleeping position. If you sleep on your stomach or side, the fluids under your eyes begin to collect and create under eye bags. When you lay on your back and give yourself more leverage, you can get rid of puffiness.

  • Don’t smoke

  • Limit alcohol

Surgical Correction

If none these work, you have the choice of a surgical correction. This option is a uniquely personal decision. Meet with a reputable surgeon for a thorough discussion of your concerns, expectations, your limitations, your needs, your options, and your goals to make the best possible choice.

Which Solution is the Best One?

There are several possible combinations of procedures and services that will yield the ideal results. We recommend taking advantage of Sylvana’s complimentary consultation with one Certified Aesthetic Consultants. It’s our chance to learn what concerns you the most and to perform a scientific evaluation. Our consultants and clinicians stay “up-to-the-minute” on cutting-edge medical aesthetic procedures, and best- practice uses of all the available technologies. Each consultant and clinician bring extensive experience, training and artistry to forming your exclusive treatment plan and when performing medical aesthetic services.


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