Chemical Peels … An Apropos Skin Care Treatment for Summer

If you are beautiful skin enthusiast, you want to keep up your skin care routine with summer safe treatments. This often involves taking a break from laser treatments and switching to treatments such as chemical peels.

Chemical peels fell by the wayside in the early 2000’s where they were overshadowed by laser treatments but, they’re back. Why? Because the work, and they work FAST.

Chemical peels are a consistently popular option for exfoliating and clarifying. Our patients love the fact that they are affordable, low-commitment skin treatments for all skin types, they have little to no down time and they work quickly to brighten up their skin. They help to cast off, dead, dull surface cells to reveal healthier glowing skin. They also help to improve the appearance of fine lines, acne, discoloration and more. Chemical peels are great for all ages, all skin types and almost all skin conditions. There are so many types of peels available that there is at least ONE that can address your personal skin conditions and produce beautiful results.

As with most old-is-new-again ideas, today's peels aren't just a replay of chemical peels of the past. Chemical peel ingredients have been refined, and so has the professional approach to using them. The goal is not so much peeling like a snake, it’s to infuse skin with special ingredients that diminish the appearance of lines, help to build collagen and improve uneven skin tone.

Are Chemical Peels Safe for Summer?

According to skin expert Diane Cordon, of The Few Institute in Chicago says:

Chemical peels ARE safe to have done during the summer months. In fact, superficial peels are the perfect solution to the increased oil production and environmental pollutants of summer that can clog up your skin. You do need to protect your skin, however. Be sure to apply your sunscreen every two hours. In all reality, with or without chemical peels you should be reapplying a full-spectrum SPF 30+ every two hours to protect your skin.”

For the summer, a glycolic acid peel or salicylic acid peel are good options. They are lighter in concentration so there is very little to no downtime. These peels with will freshen up your skin and unclog pores without any actual, physical “peeling”. The lighter peels have great anti-aging benefit.

Sun screen is a MUST. It makes no sense to have a chemical peel if you know you’re going to have a lot of sun exposure. The best approach would be the glycolic or Salicylic early in the week. By time the weekend rolls around, your skin should be back to normal and not so sensitive to the sun.

Most patients are taking care of their skin to some degree, so a chemical peel is like a professional dental cleaning. It a treatment that you can’t yourself at home. Don’t bother with the time or money for an “at home chemical peel”. If you are going to invest in a medical grade chemical peel, it’s important that your peel is performed by a medical pro that can deliver results.

Still not buying it? Here are more reasons that you should RUN, not walk, to book your summer peel appointment:

Safe for Sun Exposure (WITH Sun Protection): Unlike some other effective skincare treatments, light, professionally administered chemical peels are safe for all seasons, including summer, even with all the sun exposure. It’s important to be vigilant about applying SPF. Peel or no peel, at least 30SPF every single day, rain or shine!

Chemical Peels are Low Risk: Lighter chemical peels are safe to use on skin of almost any age, skin type and color. There are plenty of chemical peels to choose from and some professionals even customize the peel depending on the specific needs of

the patient.

Peels Can Slow Down Acne: Salicylic acid peels and Jessner’s peels work deep into the skin to unclog pores while skimming the surface to erode blackheads and fade post-breakout marks. Salicylic acid lingers in the pores and continues to keep them clean for a period of time.

Peels Can Make Your Skin AND Your Skin Care Products Work Better: As the top layer of dead skin in shed due to the acid in the chemical peel, a “chain reaction” is triggered. Signals are sent to the living cells below to multiply and surface, to increase collagen production and make more hyaluronic acid. Smoother skin emerges that is more radiant. Since there are no dead cells to penetrate through, skin is more receptive to the ingredients in skin care products.

A Chemical Peel May Lighten the Dark Circles Under Your Eyes: Glytone’s Enerpeel Technology Brightening Peel System works great on the hereditary dark circles created by layers of pigment. This peel comes in a “non-drippy” pen application which drives the peel ingredients deep, bypassing the epidermis layer of the skin to reduce irritation. A series may be need but some patients see an amazing improvement afterward.

Strong peels are NOT recommended for the summer months. Even though they deliver amazing results (with very little downtime). We’ll remind you about the stronger peels in the Fall!

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