Stem Cells are Chaning EVERYTHING

May 18, 2018

With advances in medical technology, health education and more active lifestyles, our average life expectancy has increased dramatically over the past several years.  It’s probably safe to say that nobody wants to live a long time while looking and feeling

like crap.


Research suggests little attention has been paid to the psychological effects of aging skin but, found that:  “The awareness of one’s compromised appearance makes interpersonal relationships uncomfortable and promotes social withdrawal.” 


Here’s another one:  “While the landmarks of maturing into adulthood are a source of pride, signs of natural aging can be cause for shame or embarrassment. Some people try to fight off the appearance of aging with cosmetic surgery. Although many seniors report that their lives are more satisfying than ever, and their self-esteem is stronger than when they were young, they are still subject to cultural attitudes that make them feel invisible and devalued.”