Why You NEED a Facial

Facial treatments performed by a professional skin care expert can yield dramatic results and are a great way to take care of your skin – especially when incorporated with your regular skincare routine.

Before your facial you should have a consultation to discuss your skin concerns, your lifestyle, your diet, medications you may be taking as well as supplements and, finally, the current skin care products you use and your daily skin care routine.

If you are like most of us, you could be dealing with different skin conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, uneven skin tone, dryness or rosacea.

Here are some benefits you may appreciate from regular, professional facial treatments:

Improve Your Skin Health – There is nothing to make you and your skin feel and look great like a regular Sylvana Med Spa Facial. Like visiting our hair styling or dentist regularly, an individualized facial is an extremely important aspect of your healthy skin routine. Facials help prevent and treat common skin problems and slow down the aging process, help to prevent environmental damage and seasonal upsets. Stress is rough on your skin! Regular facials can help reduce rashes and outbreaks.

Regardless of the condition of your skin, the individualized treatments and product

recommendations will cater to your concerns and issues.

Protect and Reverse Environmental Skin Stress - "Pollution ages our skin more than we ever thought," says Zoe Diana Draelos, a dermatologist at Duke University. "

Sun damage, wind, poor diet, physical exertion, inappropriate products and environmental toxins cause, dull, dehydrated skin. Scheduling regular detox facials and using at-home products that protect against enviromental skin stressors, can strike a balance between effectively drawing out impurities built up over time while helping your skin to renew itself efficiently. This will also help to restore your skins normal oil and PH balance.

A Rejuvenated Appearance - While getting rid of dead skin cells, regular facials stimulate the production of new collagen, which helps reveal new skin that looks and feels smoother and brighter. Your skin looks revitalized and refreshed.

Unclogged Pores - Dead skin cells, dirt and oil clog up your pores and cause them to be more visible. Sometimes sticky skin cells are caused by your own skin’s adhesive properties or may be caused by skin care products so, it’s important to find out if your current products are gumming up your pores. It’s usually a moisturizer or sunscreen. Having regular facials, including exfoliation to loosen debris and proper extraction techniques can help to decongest your pores and keep them that way.

Facials are Good for Sensitive Skin – let’s rephrase that, the RIGHT Facial is good for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin requires special care, special ingredients and special techniques. Facial treatments can calm and refresh skin from conditions such as rosacea or overly treated skin by helping to restore the epidermal barrier. By gently cleansing, decongesting, and calming irritated skin, a facial for sensitive skin can leave your skin feeling pacified and fresh. fresh, cool and pacified.

Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles - There is no doubt that when blood circulation slows down, and dead skin builds up on your face, you skin will look visibly aged. Stripping off dead skin and massaging the face with an anti-aging facial will improve blood circulation which also increases the production of collagen and elastin, the properties that give your skins it’s firmness and snap. An anti-aging facial can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sun damage and can give your skin a more luminous and healthy-looking glow.

Better Results from Your At-Home Skin Care Routine - Once you’ve had a facial treatment and have removed dirt, oil and toxins from your skin, your at-home skin care products will be more easily absorbed and therefore more effective. The better condition your skin is in, the better your products will work.

A Regular Skin Care Facial Can Turn Your Skin Around – If you want to see a difference, then commit to a regularly scheduled facial plan. You skin will not be perfect in one treatment but in time, with commitment and follow-thru you skin will be healthier and more radiant.

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