The Truth About Fat: Is CoolSculpting better than VASERshape?

January 24, 2018

If you’ve been reading our Truth About Fat beauty blog series, you already know about how VASERshape smooths and tightens unwanted body fat. There has been a lot of hype surrounding VASERshape and other bodysculpting treatments like CoolSculpting.


So which treatment is better? We decided to find out…


How does CoolSculpt differ from VASERshape?  



CoolSculpting, or Cryolipolysis, doesn’t use heat like VASERshape’s ultrasound technology. Instead, it destroys fat cells through cooling. The device clamps the targeted area between two handpieces, freezing the cells, which ultimately destroys them.


Healing time

Unlike VASERshape, this  treatment is mildly invasive as the body treats the area as a wound, which can take between 4 and 6 months to heal. Therefore, results are not immediate—which can be frustrating in addition to the lengthy healing process.


What to expect during your treatment

VASERshape uses warm, ultrasound technology for an hour-long session that feels almost like a deep tissue massage. There is no downtime, and patients see results immediately. There can be come redness around the area, but usually subsides within 24 hours of the treatment. You can do 1 treatment every week, to build on your results.


CoolSculpting can be painful and lead to bruising, swelling and can lead to some loss in skin sensation. CoolSculpt has only been approved by the FDA for the abdomen and flank areas and due to the healing time, it can only be done every 6 weeks. CoolSculpt is permanent, but indiscriminant—so there are potential side effects such as nerve damage.


What are trained professionals saying?


Dr. Paul Vanek, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon from Cleveland, Ohio offers a clear opinion on the differences between VASERshape and CoolSculpting in this excerpt from  


My impression of CoolSculpting is that it has some intermittent results.  And, because of that, its outcomes are not always as predictable for patients.  The media buzz on this has been far more hyped than the outcomes than those found by people who have rigorously studied this scientifically.


[With VASERshape] Typically, a one-hour treatment session with this ultrasonic hand-held device has been shown to engorge the lymphatics in animals and humans and that the lymphatic engorgement is then metabolized. We have seen that patients have good shape improvements between 4 and 10 sessions in each region and the sessions are typically about a week apart.


Microscopically, the fat cells are not destroyed; it is more appropriate to say that the fat cells have somehow had a gate open in them and their contents have migrated into the lymphatics.  This is what we have seen in the experimental models and, indeed, the fat cells are not destroyed.  Hence, the FDA does not allow us to call it a “permanent” solution to adiposity; rather, it has “long term” effectiveness as long as the patients maintain their weight. 


Even better? Dr. Oz has given VASERshape his stamp of approval:


As seen recently on Dr. Oz the VASERsha