3 Sylvana Mini-Procedures for a Quick Glow

December 6, 2017


Need a quick pick-me-up this season?  Exfoliation treatments give your skin the extra polish that keeps you looking your healthy best. At Sylvana, we’re offering 3 exfoliation mini-procedures so that you can achieve a glow in 45 minutes or less for $100 or less!



Vibraderm - Vibraderm is a non-invasive and painless procedure that promotes new cell growth, smoothes skin and helps even out skin tone. A paddle-like instrument covered with fixed abrasives gently removes 75 to 85% of dead skin cells. You will leave with 


glowing skin and a refreshed feeling in 45 minutes! Vibraderm is a gentle treatment with no recovery time that benefits all skin types—especially sensitive and mature skin. Learn More.



Dermasweep - DermaSweep is an exfoliation treatment that improves skin texture and removes dead skin cells. It also unclogs pores and refines large pores. DermaSweep is a great treatment for people who have acne, oily or sun-damaged skin. DermaSweep uses a small vacuum pump to gently lift the skin as small bristles sweep away dead skin cells. Come on your lunch break for this 45-minute treatment and walk out with luminescent skin. Learn More.



Chemical Peel - Some people may be scared of the phrase “chemical peel”, but there is a new generation of chemical peels that are much less invasive and have a quick recovery time. Come for a 20-minute mini-treatment and see how effective a chemical peel is at reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles and  

redness, removing dull layers of skin, reversing signs of sun damage, and reducing pore size. After the minimal downtime period, your skin will have a healthy, youthful glow! Learn More.