Skin Tight in a New Light

All skin tightening technologies use an energy source to generate heat. Thermage uses radiofrequency. The Cutera Titan® uses light energy to heat the dermis deep beneath your skin's surface. When your dermis is heated, it helps snap your lazy collagen fibers back into place and increases blood flow to the area. By increasing blood flow, the collagen fibers start to increase and over time (about 6-8 weeks) skin feels and appears thicker and you can appreciate a slight "lift" in the treated areas. This procedure will not replace standard face lifts or tummy tucks, but if you are looking to ward off the need for surgery, Titan is the ticket!

What Areas Can Be Treated With Titan?

Titan is an ideal solution for your face and neck. The most popular areas we treat are the eyes and along the jawline to help with "turkey neck". Larger areas are more effectively treated using our Vaser Shape’s skin tightening mode. Vaser Shape is contraindicated above the collar bone.

How Do I Know if the Titan Procedure is Right for Me?

There really is no bad Titan candidate. The patients for whom we recommended Titan are often patients not yet ready for surgery. Patients in their mid 40s to 50s who would like a "pick me up" or "small lift" but do not have the skin laxity needed to be a candidate for a full or mid face lift find Titan to be a wonderful alternative. Also, because Titan does a fabulous job of increasing your body's own collagen, our patients who have had a surgical procedure in the past often choose Titan to maintain their results. Anyone who would like to preserve or increase the benefits of past surgical interventions should be thinking of this as yearly maintenance.

How Many Treatments Are Needed to Achiee the Results I am Looking For? Will They Need to be Repeated Each Year?

Titan is safe enough to do it as often as you would like. Because a majority of your results occur over time, it is suggested that patient start with a series of three treatments spaced at least two weeks apart. Yearly maintenance or even another package of three yearly is recommended to keep your results fresh.

Is There Any Down Time?

One of the benefits of Titan is no downtime. Your skin is kept cool with a clear gel and can be a little pink immediately after. Within 30 minutes, the pink has faded and you are ready for make up. The laser targets tissue in the dermis, so there is no peeling of your skin involved.

Who Says What About Titan?

Kate Somerville, Hollywood’s go-to Beauty-Guru, is an enthusiastic advocate of Titan for her A list clientele. While preparing them for the Emmys and the Academy Awards, Titan coupled with another Cutera laser procedure (Laser Genesis…more about that later), are some of her most popular offerings. Doubtful? Check it out on YouTube!

What Can I Do to Sustain the Results?

Once the initial treatment plan is complete (usually 3 treatments), yearly follow up treatments with Titan are recommended as well as a good products to use at home. Quarterly facials and/or Vibraderms are recommended as they also increase your collagen production to help maintain the results.

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