The 8 Point Approach to Facial Rejuvenation

During the natural aging process, we lose volume over time. It is estimated that we lose approximately one teaspoon of volume each year; which becomes increasingly noticeable over the age of 40. One just need look at mom or dad (depending on who you take after in the looks department) to see how you will eventually loose volume as well.

Volume in the female face is key to giving natural smooth curves; while volume can also give strength and structure to a male face.

Volume loss occurs in eight distinct areas and you begin to appreciate this loss by the shadows that are present on your face in certain types of light. Loss of volume in these areas often makes you appear tired when you actually feel fine. Haven’t we all heard: “Are you ok? You look tired.”

By looking in a mirror, straight on and tilting your face forward, eyes looking up can help you appreciate the volume loss. Sometimes looking straight at the mirror will not allow you to see in three dimensions the areas of concern.

Replacing volume in these areas can make a big difference in your overall appearance.

  • Points one and two are found on the upper outer portion of the cheek bone and give definition to the face.

  • Point three is the area under your eye or the tear troughs.A hollow depression here creates a fatigued appearance.

  • Point 4 can be seen at the outer corner of your nose which begins your nasolabial fold.Increasing volume here can minimize the entire line.

  • Point 5 is in the corners of the mouth.They can begin to turn down ward and fat pads here tend to travel south and create the point 6 – the jowl area.Usually looking at a profile picture will make you aware of these.

  • Point 7 is your Jaw line,loss of fat and soft tissue in this area leads to less definition

  • Point 8 is your mid face.For years we have ignored this area in favor of over filling the cheeks or nasolabial folds, but by filling this area slightly can restore and recreate the full cheek with natural curves.

Volume loss in all of these areas influences our total look and should be discussed with all patients looking for a soft, natural correction. Fortunately, there are many different options in dermal fillers; which combined, can achieve the natural volume restoration to the areas most impacted as we age. At Sylvana, the variety of dermal fillers we use includes: Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, and Bellafill.

When looking to make a full correction, refer back to losing a teaspoon of volume each year. Each 1ml syringe of dermal filler is the equivalent to that teaspoon of volume loss. In order to fully restore a more youthful appearance as broken down in the 8 distinct areas, many patients opt for 5 or more syringes. As you continue to age each year, you will also require touch ups in order to maintain your rejuvenated look.

Across the world, many patients have turned to dermal fillers as an alternative to plastic surgery. A full face rejuvenation with dermal fillers has even been coined “the liquid facelift”. While the results are truly remarkable, there is only so much you can achieve without surgery. For that reason, whether or not you are looking to cancel your future facelift plans, you can certainly put them off and buy yourself some time by opting for dermal fillers.

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