Five Common Skin Issues and the Lasers That Fix Them

The amount of money the average female spends on foundation, cover-up, lotions and potions in a year borders on the absurd. While topical lotions have their place, especially when paired with a laser treatment; these items all share one thing in common…a looming expiration date. If you suffer from a skin issue that drives you crazy- why not invest in a longer lasting solution with better results.

From wrinkles to rosacea, laser treatments can provide solutions. But which laser works best for you condition? Here’s the scoop.

1-2 Punch for Treating Wrinkles

Want to take a decade off your face? Pearl and Fraxel laser treatments smooth the skin while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The treatments can be layered to achieve the best results, or they can also be performed separately. The Pearl laser is an aggressive treatment that is perfect for treating wrinkles and sun spots, leaving an appropriately named pearl finish to your skin. The Fraxel laser reaches areas deeper in the skin, so that it can target areas not only on the face but also delicate areas of the neck, chest and hands. The Fraxel laser can penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, making it ideal for deeper wrinkles and tougher hyper-pigmentation, such as melasma. With the Fraxel, you will also experience skin tightening over time as new collagen forms- BONUS! If you want similar but less aggressive treatments than lasers, chemical peels and micro-needling treatments are a great way to refresh the skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

Has a Scar Been Haunting You?

It seems unfair that on men, scarring is often linked with being rugged, even sexy. But if you don’t feel the same way about your own scar, a Fraxel laser treatment is a great way to reduce its appearance. Fraxel’s precision also makes it safe for all skin types including darker tones, which are a higher risk for discoloration and scaring with conventional lasers.

The Rosacea and Redness Reducer

While a pink cheek as long been a sign of good health and cheer, those suffering from Rosacea or severe redness know that it isn’t always so rosy. Laser Genesis is safe, non-invasive skin therapy that uses concentrated laser energy to target red-toned skin discolorations.

The Enemy of Sunspots

As a teenager, you may have scoffed at the idea of staying out of the sun and applying SPF religiously. Now, you cringe and wish for time-travel to go back and warn your younger self. Intense Pulsed Lights or IPL Laser Therapy, treatments are the most widely chosen way to reverse your sun damage and age spots- the brown spots and brown pigmented areas of skin that result over time from sun exposure. We have even upped the ante and have a newer IPL technology called the Limelight. The Limelight technology combines the ability to not only treat browns, but to also treat reds and facial veins to create a truly custom treatment.

Hair Removal

Hair styles come and go, but at a certain age we all know how we like our body hair groomed. Think of the razors, shaving cream, and razor burn products purchased, shower time spent, and pricey waxing sessions endured. Why not just eliminate the hassle and cost that adds up over time by permanently getting rid of hair on the areas you desire? The innovative Cutera laser hair removal system does just that. It features two distinct hair removal options- Prowave for larger areas and CoolGlide for smaller areas such as lips and chin as well as for darker skin tones. Both options are clear for permanent hair reduction, and who doesn’t want to throw out their razor blade and Waxer’s phone number for good?!

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