A Girl and her Pearls - an Outstanding Skin Rejuvenator

September 22, 2017





As a follow up to last week’s blog about our Limelight laser, we wanted to discuss the Pearl Treatment, another fantastic Cutera laser option. If you are someone who has had frequent IPL, or Photofacial, treatments in the past and are looking for something to deliver the WOW factor, we suggest you “get your pearls on”! Like a beautiful strand of pearls, this treatment is something every woman should learn about, experience and benefit from.

The Cutera Pearl is an FDA-approved laser procedure for treating sun damage, uneven texture and tone, brown spots, and fine lines with minimal social downtime. Pearl will smooth skin texture and soften fine lines and wrinkles on the face, neck, décolletage and hands. It’s ideal for patients of any age searching for a safe and uncomplicated way to restore the skin's youthful look and texture with just one or two treatments.  Click image Below for Video.



The Pearl laser is guided over the skin to gently remove, or vaporize the top layer of the epidermis while heating the tissue layer below. A full-face treatment takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes, and feels like a series of brief pinches. For tha


t reason, at Sylvana, we prefer to have our patients apply a topical numbing cream to ensure comfort during and after the treatment.  Our Zimmer blasts directed cold air and allows our patients to cool down the surface of the skin immediately after the treatment.


Following the procedure, your skin will appear and feel comparable to the sensation of a sunburn and may also be accompanied by swelling.  We’ll apply a topical product to your skin to keep it moist, which will need to be kept moist for three to four days. Since sunscreen is not recommended during this healing time, we suggest you wear protective clothing and limit sun exposure for a few days to a week.  Although you can resume normal activities after the procedure, you may want to forego important social events as your face will appear pink/red for three to four days.  In approximately three to four days, the top layer of skin flakes and peels, revealing new, vibrant skin with a healthy “pearl-like” glow!  



Ten to fourteen days following your treatment, we will see you back in the office to evaluate your progress. You will receive a