We Help Calm Rosacea So You Look Great, Feel Confident

Facial redness, bumps, lumps and pimples, red nose, rough skin—these are some of the ways rosacea can show up and undermine your appearance. Rosacea troubles people of all ages and it’s unpredictable. It can flare up suddenly and subside mysteriously, an uncertainty that can undermine your self-confidence. What will my skin look like today—or next week when that important event is scheduled?

Need Help With Acne Too?

Some people have both rosacea and acne. The treatment for each is different, but our customized approach allows us to create a plan for both. Read about our acne treatment and how we address the problems of acne and acne scars.


We Take The Time To Understand Your Unique Situation

Because rosacea has so many variations, treatment must be customized after your first visit Complimentary Consultation to maximize positive results and to create an effective long-term physician-directed plan for minimizing flare-ups and recurrences. All of our Aesthetic Consultants are TAPA-Certified, known for their experience, skill and dedication. At Sylvana Institute Med Spa in Frederick, MD we are trained to address the many symptoms of rosacea. To begin, we collect a detailed history and—as part of our complimentary consultation—we analyze your skin using the Visia Complexion Analysis System so we can understand your skin from deep inside to the surface. Together, we work out a staged plan that first addresses the rosacea’s current manifestations and then keeps flare-ups under control.

Learn About Your Rosacea Triggers For Best Long Term Results

Both men and women can get rosacea, especially if the skin is fair. Rosacea usually makes its first unwelcome appearance around age 30—although younger people may show “pre-rosacea” signs such as frequent or heavy blushing. It is estimated that 16 million Americans have rosacea, so you are not alone! The good news is we do more than address your rosacea skin conditions right now. We also help you understand what triggers your rosacea flare-ups so you can minimize them in the future. Common triggers include sun exposure, stress and alcohol consumption, but some patients have reported others, including extreme weather (both hot and cold), heavy exercise and certain skin-care products and cosmetics. And while rosacea may seem unpredictable to you, after we take your detailed history we’ll map out a plan to get your skin back to its healthy and vibrant best and help you avoid or minimize the impact of your personal rosacea trigger in the future.

Our Customized Approach Is A Total Skin Care Plan

Although rosacea is not directly linked with or caused by other skin conditions, many people who have rosacea also have acne, excessively dry skin, wrinkles, or other skin concerns. All of our products are medical-grade, which combined with our training and experience can make a long-term difference. The Sylvana Solutions Treatment Plan addresses your total skin health–not just rosacea signs and symptoms.

Sylvana Is With You For The Long Run

Our immediate goal is helping you minimize the appearance of redness, spidery veins, and other effects of rosacea. Our long-term goal is the same as yours—healthy, vibrant skin that keeps your self-confidence high and you glowing.

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