Fraxel Laser

Fraxel Laser Removes Years From Your Appearance

Fraxel is a clinically proven non-invasive laser skin resurfacing treatment that removes years from your appearance - without the risks, side effects or prolonged downtime of other procedures.  Fraxel is a popular treatment chosen by celebrities like Courtney Cox and Kathie Lee Gifford.  It is a quick and effective way to reduce wrinkles, age spots, sun damage and acne scars.

Why Should I Go to Sylvana for My Fraxel Laser Treatment?

Sylvana Institute Med Spa was the first in the area to offer Fraxel treatments.  As a Medical Spa, we have the knowledge, experience and comfort measures that will help you regain a youthful glow with a minimum amount of social down time.

What Should I Expect From My Fraxel Treatment?

With Fraxel's precise and deep laser, most patients describe a "prickling" sensation during treatment.  A topical anesthetic is applied before the treatment.  During the treatment, a medical assistant cools your skin with the Zimmer skin cooler while your clinician treats your skin with the laser.  The Zimmer super chills the skin in less than five seconds to reduce discomfort.  No other medical spa in the area offers you the zimmer skin cooler at no charge.  We tailor the number of treatments to your desired results.  We will discuss what would work best for you during your first complimentary consultation.

"Can’t say enough about the professionalism of ALL the staff at Sylvana. They are not only knowledgeable but pleasant and oh, so patient with someone like myself with A LOT of questions. Sylvana will be my “go to” place from now on! What a great team!"  Vicki T., Frederick, MD


What Are The Side Effects?

Swelling and redness are the most common side effects. Swelling is typically minimal and subsides within days. Redness typically fades within a few days. Other temporary effects may include minor itching, dry skin and peeling, flaking or bronzed skin. We guide you on way to minimize these side effects if they occur.


Always wear sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher. We also recommend avoiding direct sun exposure for at least three months and wearing a wide-brimmed hat in the sun.


How Fraxel Works: A Targeted And Effective Way to Renew Your Skin
Fraxel affects a fraction of tissue at a time with thousands of microscopic laser columns — each just one-tenth the diameter of a hair follicle. The laser columns stimulate a natural healing process that works from the inside out. Due to how deep the Fraxel laser penetrates, it is able to replace damaged tissue with healthier skin.

With this “fractional” treatment your body heals skin faster than if treating all the tissue in a specific area. The body’s natural renewal process is accelerated leaving your skin smoother, healthier and younger looking. At Sylvana Institute Med Spa in Frederick, MD we offer a complimentary Vibraderm exfoliation treatment after your Fraxel treatment to get even better results!


Precision Makes Fraxel Ideal for All Skin Tones, Delicate Skin Areas and Scar Removal

Because Fraxel targets microscopic areas deep in the skin, Sylvana professionals use it not only on the face, but also on delicate areas of the neck, chest and hands. It is also effective for scar reduction. Fraxel’s precision makes it ideal for all skin tones including darker tones, which are at higher risk for discoloration and scarring with a conventional laser.

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