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 Heighten Skin’s Healthy, Vibrant Glow With Enhanced Exfoliation 

As we all know exfoliation is an important part of any good skin care routine.  Scrubs and other exfoliating products do a good of cleansing and removing surface build up of cells.  Enhanced exfoliation with DermaSweep, Vibraderm or Dermaplane takes this process to the next level.

A Great Way to Maintain Healthy, Beautiful Skin

While we often recommend six initial treatments for enhanced exfoliation, you will probably see an immediate improvement in your skin's tone and texture after your first treatment.  Many Sylvana Med Spa patients make a regular Vibraderm, DermaSweep or Dermaplane treatment part of their healthy skin routine.  Once a month—or even once a year—regular enhanced exfoliation treatments give your skin the extra polish that keeps you looking your health best.  Your home routine is also vital to making your results last.  Hydration, daily sunscreen application and medical-grade products are key ingredients in maintaining youthful, glowing skin.

A Great Enhancement When Layered With Other Procedures

Enhanced exfoliation is an integral part of many procedures that we offer at Sylvana Med Spa in Frederick, MD. Perhaps most remarkable is our commitment to providing pre and post-Vibraderm treatments with most IPL procedures at no extra charge. Enhanced exfoliation, when combined with our Sylvana Signature Facial, Organic Facial or Acne Facial, allows for deeper penetration of products and outstanding results. When you come in for your your first visit with Sylvana’s Complimentary Consultation, we will explore the role that enhanced exfoliation might play—whether as a stand-alone treatment or part of Sylvana’s unique layering approach to natural-looking skin and facial rejuvenation.

More About Vibraderm Treatments

Vibraderm is a non-invasive and painless procedure that promotes new cell growth, smoothes skin and helps even out skin tone. We use a paddle-like instrument that is covered with fixed abrasives to gently remove 75 to 85% of dead skin cells. The treatment lasts about 30 minutes with no recovery time. You will leave with healthy glowing skin and a refreshed feeling! Vibraderm is a gentle treatment that benefits all skin types. It is ideal for treating sensitive and mature skin.

More About DermaSweep Treatments

DermaSweep is an exfoliation treatment that not only improves skin texture and removes dead skin cells, but also unclogs pores and refines large pores. We especially recommend DermaSweep to our patients who have acne, oily or sun-damaged skin. It is ideal treatment for younger or sensitive skin. DermaSweep uses a small vacuum pump to gently lift the skin as small bristles sweep away dead skin cells. DermaSweep treatments last about 30 minutes with no redness, swelling or down time following your treatment.

Who Should Avoid DermaSweep

DermaSweep is a mild treatment with great results. Although DermaSweep works on almost all skin types it is not advised for our patients who have rosacea or mature skin. Vibraderm is the recommended exfoliation treatment in this case.

More About Dermaplane Treatments

Dermaplane treatment is a quick, noninvasive procedure where surface dead skin cells and the vellus hair (peach fuzz) are manually removed. This procedure helps to diminish small acne scars or fine facial wrinkles. The treatment lasts about 20 to 30 minutes with no social downtime and it leaves the skin glowing and smooth. Because Dermaplane uses a sterile blade to gently slough off excess skin cells, only physician-directed facilities like Sylvana Med Spa can offer it.

** Spa Service Gratuities are at your discretion based on your level of satisfaction.

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