Body Sculpting

Vaser Shape Smooths Away Love Handles, Lumpy Thighs and Tummy for Immediate Results Without Surgery

We all have problem areas on our bodies – those stubborn spots that can’t be dieted and exercised off. The more we strengthen and tone the more these problem areas stand out. At Sylvana Med Spa in Frederick, MD, we are the first in the area to use Vaser Shape to reduce, smooth and tighten your problem areas with immediate results!

"The staff was very friendly, office was very nice and inviting. The treatment went very well. Staff very easy to get in touch with to ask questions, and following up with you in regards to how you are doing after the treatment. I would definitely recommend this place to others.  Thank you."  Jillian B., Fairfax, VA 

Why Sylvana Med Spa Is Proud to Introduce VaserShape to the Maryland and Washington DC Area

At Sylvana Med Spa, we are committed to solving your skin and body woes using non-invasive procedures, while ensuring natural and youthful results. We are always looking at the latest research, the newest technologies and applications. We were so impressed with Vaser Shape’s capabilities that we began our usual rigorous testing on Sylvana Med Spa clinicians. We are all raving about the results we saw after testing Vaser Shape. Results varied from going down a dress size, losing 1.5 inches from a waist and visible smoothing and tightening of the thighs immediately after treatment. You will benefit from our extensive training, level of artistry and Sylvana’s dedication to providing an enjoyable experience. Please be in touch, so we can find out how one of our sculpting, shaping and slimming options can work for you.

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