The Truth About Fat: Is CoolSculpting better than VASERshape?

If you’ve been reading our Truth About Fat beauty blog series, you already know about how VASERshape smooths and tightens unwanted body fat. There has been a lot of hype surrounding VASERshape and other bodysculpting treatments like CoolSculpting. So which treatment is better? We decided to find out… How does CoolSculpt differ from VASERshape? Technology CoolSculpting, or Cryolipolysis, doesn’t use heat like VASERshape’s ultrasound technology. Instead, it destroys fat cells through cooling. The device clamps the targeted area between two handpieces, freezing the cells, which ultimately destroys them. Healing time Unlike VASERshape, this treatment is mildly invasive as the body treats the ar

The Truth About Fat, Part 2: VASERshape FAQ

In Part 1 of our Truth About Fat series, we revealed facts about fat. If you have a significant amount of weight to lose, we recommend the Sylvana hCG Weight Loss Program, eating right for your blood type, or a diet and exercise program developed by a nutritionist. But what about you ladies and gentlemen who are already in good shape, eat well, and don’t fluctuate—but still suffer from stubborn pockets of body fat? The VASERshape body sculpting treatment uses ultrasound technology that generates heat to melt the contents of fat cells, for a firmer and leaner look. Unlike other body sculpting treatments, the fat cells are not completely removed and the treatment is non-invasive. Intrigued, b

The Truth About Fat – 10 Facts You May Not Know

The weather has been truly gorgeous over the past few weeks. It’s getting warmer, but that oppressive summer heat has yet to hit us. We all know it’s coming soon, though. As the wardrobe starts to trend toward lighter, shorter attire, many people become more aware of those bulging bits and pieces so cleverly hid during the colder months. So now you are panicking—hitting the gym, trying a series of quick fix diets—only to succumb to the BBQ spread at that weekend picnic. Why is it so hard? Sometimes, you need to get educated to make it easier—Or to shock you into the realization that losing weight can be hard, but is doable! So here it is, the truth about fat… 1. There are 3 types of fat: St

Everyone’s New Year’s Resolution

The New Year has arrived! Did you ring it in with one last night of indulgence and promise that you’d start 2018 by renewing your gym membership, banning sweets and practicing some good old-fashioned discipline? Great. But will that be enough? Of course, exercise is essential for firming muscles, tweaking your metabolism and burning calories. And watching what you eat is key to good health and maintaining an ideal weight. But something more may be necessary to achieve the ideal shape, weight loss and lasting results you desire. Enter the hCG Weight Loss Program at Restorasis and Sylvana. The hCG Weight Loss Program is unique in that it helps to reset your metabolism. It also reshapes your bo

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