Not just another FAD Diet: Diary of a Restorasis Weight loss Patient

At Restorasis Health at Sylvana, we do not actively promote any service that we don’t research, test or have done to ourselves first. When the opportunity to test the Weight Loss Program presented itself, I admit I was apprehensive to jump on the bandwagon due to the strict guidelines. Having supported my mother on just about every diet gimmick imaginable growing up, I was quite the skeptic and hence did not take it as seriously as I should have. I cheated here and there, thinking the caloric restrictions would have me bounce right back and provide “wiggle room” without failing. Well, I did fail—falling off the bandwagon not once, but twice. I wish I could say the diet doesn’t work, it wasn’

10 Easy Tips for Beautiful Skin All Winter Long

Does your skin become dry, flaky, and dull during the winter months? The cold air and harsh winds outside plus dry heat indoors wreak havoc on your skin. Luckily, you can keep your skin looking beautiful this winter with a few easy at-home skin care tips. 1. Skin looks dull in winter because it naturally exfoliates less. Remove flaky skin by gently exfoliating with a Clarisonic Brush and a moisturizing cleanser. No drying soap. Consider a monthly facial or Vibraderm for an extra deep exfoliation. 2. Suffer flaky winter eyebrows? Pay special attention when cleaning your face and apply vitamin E oil to them. Don’t forget a hydrating eye cream- we love the Enlightenment Eye Cream from the Sylva

The Death and Resurrection of the Chemical Peel

Chemical Peels tend to have a pretty nasty reputation. For a very affordable price they’re effective at reversing visible signs of aging such as deep and fine wrinkles, removing dull layers of skin and restoring the skin’s healthy glow--But at what cost? People tend to think of a post-chemical peel in terms of a bad horror movie. During recovery, the skin is red, sensitive, and suffers from swelling and unevenness. Luckily, this version of the chemical peel is a thing of the past! New technology has developed a chemical peel that offers outstanding results with much less recovery time. You can finally have your cake and eat it too! Why Did We Start Offering Chemical Peels? Initially, Sylvana

3 Sylvana Mini-Procedures for a Quick Glow

Need a quick pick-me-up this season? Exfoliation treatments give your skin the extra polish that keeps you looking your healthy best. At Sylvana, we’re offering 3 exfoliation mini-procedures so that you can achieve a glow in 45 minutes or less for $100 or less! Vibraderm - Vibraderm is a non-invasive and painless procedure that promotes new cell growth, smoothes skin and helps even out skin tone. A paddle-like instrument covered with fixed abrasives gently removes 75 to 85% of dead skin cells. You will leave with glowing skin and a refreshed feeling in 45 minutes! Vibraderm is a gentle treatment with no recovery time that benefits all skin types—especially sensitive and mature skin. Learn M

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