There’s Still Time to Look GREAT for the Holidays

Unless you’ve been blessed by the genetic gods, everyone has that one problem area on their bodies that drives them crazy! That stubborn spot- usually in the belly or thigh area- that no amount of diet and exercise can fully remove. Did you promise yourself this year you’d get through the slew of holiday parties looking fabulous without wearing the ever-present Spanx? Now, it’s almost November. Are your love handles, saddle-bags or tummy still firmly planted, refusing to cooperate with a new cocktail dress? Luckily, we are about to let you in on a little VaserShape secret… A lot of people who’ve had VaserShape at Sylvana chose it because tummy tucks or liposuction sounded expensive or invasi

The 8 Point Approach to Facial Rejuvenation

During the natural aging process, we lose volume over time. It is estimated that we lose approximately one teaspoon of volume each year; which becomes increasingly noticeable over the age of 40. One just need look at mom or dad (depending on who you take after in the looks department) to see how you will eventually loose volume as well. Volume in the female face is key to giving natural smooth curves; while volume can also give strength and structure to a male face. Volume loss occurs in eight distinct areas and you begin to appreciate this loss by the shadows that are present on your face in certain types of light. Loss of volume in these areas often makes you appear tired when you actual

Brown Spots & Wrinkles: How to Reverse Your Damage

Spots and wrinkles have a way of just showing up when we least expect it. We go to bed one night and in the morning, BAM, there they are! Question is, now what do you do? The aging process can be tough on anyone. At Sylvana, we strive to slow down and even reverse the aging process. We combine products that have been scientifically tested with various treatments to give you a more youthful look, but make it look natural due to the artistry and experience of our staff. So many of our patients suffer from brown spots or wrinkles, so we decided to share our favorite product classes to remedy these skin issues! BROWN SPOTS Brown Spots, A.K.A. freckles, angel kisses or age spots, appear after y

Five Common Skin Issues and the Lasers That Fix Them

The amount of money the average female spends on foundation, cover-up, lotions and potions in a year borders on the absurd. While topical lotions have their place, especially when paired with a laser treatment; these items all share one thing in common…a looming expiration date. If you suffer from a skin issue that drives you crazy- why not invest in a longer lasting solution with better results. From wrinkles to rosacea, laser treatments can provide solutions. But which laser works best for you condition? Here’s the scoop. 1-2 Punch for Treating Wrinkles Want to take a decade off your face? Pearl and Fraxel laser treatments smooth the skin while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and w

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