Age Spots & Sun Damage

Reduce Age Spots And Sun Damage For A Youthful Glow

Your sun-worshipping days are over, but you’ve been left with some rather unpleasant reminders. One of our patients’ most common complaints is age spots, those browns or grayish spots that appear on the hands, face, neck and décolletage. Sun damage causes more than age spots. It can increase redness and other pigment problems, light wrinkles, uneven skin tone and broken capillaries. As part of your first-visit Complimentary Consultation, we will customize a plan to restore the even tone and healthy natural glow to your sun-damaged skin. You can read more about what to expect at your first visit and get a taste of what makes Sylvana unique.


Our Favorite Solutions To Layer For Reversing Sun Damage And Age Spots

In general, we recommend a combination approach to addressing any problem and reversing skin damage from sun exposure is no exception. The treatments we layer most often to achieve the healthier, smoother, even-toned skin you desire are LimeLight and sometimes, for severe sun damage, photodynamic therapy. Of course, reversing sun damage is just a beginning. Part of your treatment plan will include follow-up recommendations for maintaining your restored and vibrant complexion.

"You have almost completely elminiated the sun damage that was really bothering me."  Susan R. • Thurmont, MD


LimeLight Is An Innovative Technology For Reversing Sun Damage

LimeLight is an IPL treatment that is unique in treating both red and brown skin discolorations. That makes it ideal for dealing with the full range of problems we see in sun-damaged skin. With LimeLight we treat upper body areas for sun damage such as brown spots, freckles, redness, broken capillaries or a combination. Because LimeLight offers three different wavelengths of light—each ideal for a different color of hyperpigmentation—we can treat any combination of sun-damaged skin in a single session. The most popular areas for treatment are the face, décolleté, chest, shoulders, arms and hands.

How LimeLight Works

The clinician selects which wavelength to use based on your skin discoloration and selectively heats the brown and/or red pigmented areas of your skin. These hyperpigmented cells soak up the light and are destroyed. It is this process that causes the healing effect. This is a noninvasive procedure, taking about an hour, and the recovery time is minimal.

Sylvana Premium #1—Complimentary Vibraderm Treatments Before And After Your LimeLight

It’s clear that a pre-treatment Vibraderm session maximizes the benefits of LimeLight treatments, so we include that service at no extra charge. A post-LimeLight Vibraderm session, two weeks after LimeLight treatment, exfoliates skin and lets you enjoy the full benefit of their treatment sooner. Sylvana includes both Vibraderms treatments at no extra charge.

Sylvana Premium #2—Zimmer Skin Cooling During Your LimeLight Treatment

It’s clear that keeping the skin cool is key to both the results and the patient experience of  a LimeLight treatment. That’s why we perform these procedures with two people—your clinician who focuses on the treatment itself and an assistant who uses the sophisticated Zimmer technology to chill your skin at points of laser contact throughout the procedure.  This is also a complimentary service—part of the Sylvana Difference.


IPL Versus Laser—What’s The Difference?

There is a lot of confusion about the differences between IPL and laser. Where does photodynamic therapy fit in the mix? To clarify this vexing topic, we’ve dedicated an entire IPL and laser page to helping you understand the differences.

When Sun Damage Is Severe, Photodynamic Therapy May Be The Answer

To treat heavily damaged skin, we sometimes recommend photodynamic therapy. Think of photodynamic therapy, also called PDT, as  a supercharged version of IPL light therapy. It includes the use of aminolevulinic acid (ALA) before the procedure. The ALA is applied topically to increase the skin’s sensitivity to the light. This combination intensifies the IPL action and its results. The intensity of PDT is what makes it ideal for extremely sun-damaged skin.


At Sylvana Institute Med Spa in Frederick, MD, LimeLight is our IPL of choice for photodynamic therapy. It’s versatility and ability to handle both red and brown tones makes it ideal. The topical ALA accelerates the well established sun-reversing benefits of LimeLight and allows patients to enjoy the reversing effect in two to three sessions instead of the five to six that would be required for extremely sun-damaged skin. There are many more benefits to PDT. Your PDT treatment will include all the Sylvana Premium Services as detailed above in the LimeLight sections.

What Can I Expect?

To read more about each of these procedures and to find out what to expect before, during and after treatment, visit LimeLight and Photodynamic Therapy. Your Sylvana Aesthetic Consultant will give you detailed instructions for preparation and follow-up for all procedures that will be layered in your treatment plan. 

How Do I Make My Results Last?

Part of the Sylvana Difference is giving you a plan for maintaining your restored and vibrant complexion. We will recommend medical-grade products including sunscreen, home exfoliation devices such as Clarisonic, 3 Sisters Restorasis Repair Complex and Neocutis Blanche skin-lightening cream. Applying sunscreen daily is the single most important step in making your results last. Combine sun protection with the use of recommended products and drinking lots of water every day will help you maintain your results and prevent further damage from the sun.


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